3D Animation Specialist

Welcome to my site

I create 3D digital images. This is my online portfolio. It contains work from my last few years of work and some personal projects. The animations are all my own work (except for the ideas and direction given by my lovely clients!). I have been freelancing for over ten years and I have produced great work for many clients including some very large companies and banks, both internal and customer facing, and national television. I am happy to work for small companies who want to get the most out of their marketing budgets. I will never take on a job I can't do and I always respect the confidentiality of my clients from the moment they first make contact.


-Architectural Renderings and walkthroughs

-Product Visualisation

-Motion Graphics and Logos

-Idents and Stings

-Scientific and Medical Exposition

-Fixed odds betting terminal games

-Training materials

-In-house 3D using Max or Maya with Vray or Mental Ray

Email Info@simonbrowne.co.uk

Tel: 020 8855 6552